Monday, May 20, 2013

Brag Sheet

 - Loosing My First Tooth Award (Kindergarten)
- Perfect attendance Awards (3rd-4th grade and 6th-9th grade)
- The President Education Award (6th grade)
- Certificate and a plaque for participating in Cross Country and Track for 2 years (7th-8th grade) 
- Golden Warrior Award (9th grade, Spanish)  
- Social Queen Award (11th grade) 

- Basketball (ages 7-9)
- Soccer (ages 8-12) 
- Cross Country (7th-8th grade)
- Track & Field (7th-8th grade)
- Marching Band/ Drumline "Sport of the Arts" (9th grade to present day)
Hobbies/ Activities:
- Playing drums and percussion (5th grade to present day)
- Playing the guitar (7th grade to present day)
- Playing the piano (9th grade to present day)
- Marching Band/ Concert Band (9th grade to present day)
- Marimba Band (11th grade)

- Beanies for Babies
- Volunteer at the homeless shelter
- Coach for the Arellanes Jr. High Track and Field team


Sunday, May 19, 2013


From this entire school year I think my biggest accomplishment in american literature and just in my life in general is when I got to talk JP Bouvet! I would have never have thought that I would collaborate and talk with him since he is one of my idols.

Now the subjects that I really related to the most in american literature were modernism and transcendentalism because they don't really follow set of rules and they try to go beyond average or what's expected. I can relate to that especially in music and in drumming. So for my project I will show how modernism and transcendentalism relates to music and drumming.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


In Hunter S. Thompson's artical of the Kentucky Derby it's very interesting how he writes it. Now instead of writing it as an actual artical like in a magazine or in newspaper he writes if he was writing it from a journal or a diary and just explains what he experienced when he was over at the derby. In the artical he tells the reader what he experienced in person and what he was thinking about when it was occurring and most of the time it was either very random or very per vocative. 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Slaughterhouse

In Slaughterhouse Five there was many examples of post modernism. When Vonnegut put himself in the book that was example of breaking the fourth wall because not many other authors put themselves in their stories. It's like the Marvel movies when Stan Lee puts himself in every the movie. Another example is when Billy gets unstuck in time, post modernism doesn't have a time frame so the story isn't very structured consistently when it comes to time. Post modernism also shows unusual humor at times were you would think it would be serious or tragic.